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Project Details: Redemption Pilgrimage to the Third (Jewish) Temple
Picture style: like in Ben Melech and the monk, which will be realistic but beautifully alive and excitingly spectacular
Describe as much as possible what you would like to appear in the picture: the temple building is surrounded by two walls on top of a mountain and it is the most illuminated and prominent place in the picture and there are a lot of small people relative to the walls and around the walls and of course there is access to the mountain even with a lot of people and at the bottom of the mountain and at the bottom of the picture there is a flat hill relative to the mountain and there will be more Close to bigger people because it's close and people will include Jews with beautiful and delicate faces and a handsome body neither fat nor too thin and that there will be Hasidic with beautiful wigs and beards and kitsch and tall streimels up-to-date Shabbat clothes and also to make Lithuanian and Sephardic and Yemenite Jews and national religious in Shabbat clothes elegant clothes for events In today's clothing and everyone looks with admiration at the temple building in the center of the picture and dances a dance that expresses infinite joy (that they will really see that they are looking at the temple building to be exact) and that there will be an atmosphere of wahoo at the end of the road to redemption and that it will move the eye very much and that there will be games of light and shadow but not distracting Opinion from the central focus in the picture which is the temple building and also clouds in the direction of the temple building but in a way that it will not look intentional but natural so there will also be some clouds not in the direction of the temple building thank you very much good luck

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