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Danny Fried

Request to illustrate a Torah quote

Hello and good luck, the photos you post on your site are good, look at their professionalism.

I would like to clarify with your help a painful and common issue, a phenomenon where people talk in the middle of prayer.

Below is a quote from the Mishnav, I hope that publishing the illustration of the aforementioned quote in a visual and professional way as you know how to do, will help to reduce the phenomenon.

ר’ חמא אשכחיה לאליהו בכמה אלפי גמלים טעונים אף וחימה לשלם לאלו המשיחים באמצע קדיש וקדושה. (משנ”ב נו, א)

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  1. Good Morning

    One photo for personal use is given free to each person. Can be redeemed independently by purchasing with the coupon תמונה_אחת_הינם_לכל_אדם (you must enter the coupon תמונה_אחת_הינם_לכל_אדם at the checkout). The coupon is intended for the purchase of the full size of the first photo of each customer, any photo that they want.

    (A general note for those who request a second photo here in the forum, not directly to you, God forbid: everyone should ask their Lord if there is a side I am permitted to ask a person to do a job without paying him what he is asking for).

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